What you will learn in this course; Much more than recipes!

  • You will learn how to quickly and easily transform your kitchen with simple ways to organize your kitchen for success.

  • Gain confidence with meal planning and save preparation time.

  • You will have endless ideas for adding variety to your recipes, plus how to kick up flavors in basic recipes .

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Italian Nutritionist's Kitchen, Board Certified and Founder of "The Academy of Delicious Plant Based Nutrition"

    • Welcome Message from The Nutritionist

  • 2

    How to Save Time With a Little Kitchen Organization

    • Learn How to Organize You Time With a Little Kitchen Organization

  • 3

    Having the Right Tools Does Make a Difference; Build your culinary utensils over time

    • Culinary and Kitchen Utensils That Will Make Your Efforts Shine

  • 4

    Simple and Easy to Use Ingredients That Add Flavor and Variety to Any Recipe

    • Adding Variety and Flavor to Any Recipe

    • Tips for Kicking Up the Flavors of Real Food Cooking

  • 5

    Basic Granola With Unlimited Options, Make One Batch, Store and Use for Several Days

    • 20210207_132752

    • Healthful Granola

  • 6

    Quick and Easy Nutrient Dense Wraps, Use In Several Ways!

    • 20210207_134037

    • The Perfect Nutrient Dense Wrap

  • 7

    Craveable Gilled Vegetables - On the Stove or The Grill, Make Ahead and Use With Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

    • 20210207_135240

    • Grilling Vegetables

  • 8

    Braising Greens Makes Them Much More Palatable - For Example, Try This Amazing Braised Broccolini

    • 20210207_140845

    • Braised Broccolini with Figs (1)

  • 9

    Who Says You Need Meat to Make "Meat Balls" - Here's a Mediterranean Inspired Idea

    • Delicious "Non-Meat" Eggplant Balls

    • Eggplant Non-Meat Meatballs

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